Why airsoft players choose GREEN GAS FL-Airsoft?
True volume
We do not lie when we write the content of gas on bottle. We honestly fill 900ml or 450g of pure green gas to 1000ml bottle. You will be surprised how many shots can be made from one bottle.
No odor
Our gas is subjected to multistage purification at the largest gas processing plant. The absence of an unpleasant smell is comfort when shooting and keeping the weapon's mechanisms clean. The presence of the smell of mercaptans (odorant) indicates the purpose of this gas for domestic use - refilling of lighters, stoves, etc. In this case, the stability and purity of the gas is not required. Remember, stinky gas - not intended for accurate shooting!
High stability and performance
The use of mono-component high-purity gas allows to achieve stability when shooting and a slight uniform cooling of the magazine. The presence of low-boiling fractions in low-quality gases leads to high speeds of the first shots, which leads to a sharp cooling of the magazine and weapon breakdowns. High-boiling fractions lead to a strong decrease in the rate of shots as the gas is consumed.
Polymer valve
Unfortunately, the metal valve is easy to break when used improperly. With strong lateral loads, he begins to leak. Therefore, since 2019 FL-Airsoft green gas comes with a polymer valve, which is not so easy to break. In addition, it provides less gas loss when filling "noisy" valves due to a better fit.
Certified product
In addition to the Russian Certificate of Compliance, FL-Airsoft's green gas has a declaration of conformity with the standards of the European Union, permitting the using of products in the EU. This confirms the one's high quality and safety.
High quality safety cap
According to numerous user reviews, the weak link in many models of foreign airsoft gas bottles is the unreliability of the valve cap. "Disposable" cap after breaking the protective ring is not kept on the container. In addition to the original military design, our cap is designed for repeated use and reliably protects the valve from impacts.
"Right" silicone
Optimal viscosity silicone grease helps to eliminate minor leaks of airsoft magazines. The amount of lubricant is chosen so as to effectively lubricate the internal mechanisms, but not lubricate the hop-up gum.
Military design
Design of bottle borrowed from chemical munitions. Bottle looks organically among of airsoft accessories and weapons. It does not look like hairspray or deodorant.
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