At the beginning of 2017, the management of the "First Line" company engaged in the production of building materials, decided to expand its product range. This time the choice fell on a completely new market segment for the plant. After the relevant work on increasing the capacity of the enterprise and the release of a pilot batch, the presentation of the first domestic green gas under the new trademark FL-airsoft was held.
Already in June - July 2017, proper load and comparative tests were performed, after which the new product received a certificate of conformity.
Green gas "FL-airsoft" went on a wide sale. The first seller was the company "Airsoft RUS".
After receiving feedback from customers, the amount of silicone in the gas was reduced. The bottle was redesigned, new bottle began to be produced in a lithographed version.
Replacing the valve with a polymer one that is more resistant to side deformations and allows more efficient filling of "noisy" valves.
Entering the overseas market. Receiving a declaration of conformity of the EU, participation in exhibitions in Italy and Germany.
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